simple, fun, yet fiendishly difficult

Even in the Classical Times reference is made to games of skill wherein the contestants threw a coin or small token into a hole or other target and our ancestors certainly played the game in the reign of Henry the Fourth, as History of this Country recounts.

Although a familiar game is undoubtedly played in other parts of the Kingdom; it is in Rutland that Nurdles has most commonly been played until out-lawed by the Puritan disposition of the late Lord Protector Cromwell. Now that King Charles has been restored to his rightful Throne we can once again play this ancient and honourable game. The Laws of the County of Rutland are given in this pamphlet but in other divers parts of the Kingdom they may be different. Players should always acquaint themselves with the Laws of the localities in which they play, left others may take advantage of their small knowledge.

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